Fair Week September 12-16, 2018

Eagle Scouts Projects

Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds
Eagle Scout Project
The Anne Arundel County fairgrounds board of directors has elected
to build a goat playpen as an added attraction for the AACO fair.  This will be a permanent installation.  
It is modeled after the goat playpen at the MD state fairgrounds (see photo)

1. An enclosure shall be 40x40 (This is a loose requirement
depending on the location of the playpen)
2. The enclosure shall contain a two level shelter
3. There shall be toys for the goats. eg a slide, a pile of
rocks, a pile of dirt, a short piece of culvert, a tractor tire
4. The structure shall be five (5) feet high and enclosed in
2x4 green fencing wire
5. There shall be a gate for the goats to enter and leave
6. There shall be two feeding troughs
7. Work shall be completed no later than 21aug15
Contact Michael Doyle 410.923.3195