Fair Week September 12-16, 2018


Make check payable to Anne Arundel County Fair and mail to
c/o Membership, P.O. Box 372, Crownsville, MD 21032
Print this form and mail with you payment to address above
Anyone is welcome to apply for membership with the Anne Arundel County Fair.  Membership is on an individual basis and entitles an approved applicant with all the priviledges of membership in the corporation.  This includes one vote per member and a membership pass to the Fair. Voting members must be paid by April 20 of the current year. In return, members shall promote the Fair in every way they can, attend meetings and contribute at least four hours of work during the fair. 
 (Check one)            ___ New Member   ___ Renewal   ___ Address Change

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________
State: ____________________________________  Zip: _______________________
Phone (Home) ______________________  Phone (Work) ______________________

Email: _________________________Web page (if any) ________________________

___ Yes, I would like to help out with the following events and committees:
 ___ Spring Craft Festival
___ County Fair       
___ Fall Craft Festival
___ Halloween
 ___Rental Committee
___ Demoltion Derby
___ Food Stand
___ Flea Markets
Other Committees:
 ___ Building Maintenance
___ Grounds Committee
___ Other _____________________________________________________
Skills or interest I have to offer the fair:
 ___ Advertising           
___ Barn Area       
___ Bookkeeping       
___  Ticket Sales
___ Catalog/Guide
___ Computer           
___ Entertainment   
___ Office Staff
___ Exhibit Hall           
___ Parking Staff   
___ Signs                   
___ Info Booth
___ Carpentry           
___ Plumbing   
___ Artistic/Drawing
___ Gardening
 ___Other areas of skills: ______________________________________________________________
Membership dues are $10 per year. New year begins January 1st each year and ends December 31st. Membership applications will be reviewed by the membership committee. Cards will be issued by the committee upon receipt of this form and payment.
Please mail your check made payable to Anne Arundel County Fair, Inc. c/o Membership, P.O. Box 372. Crownsville, MD 21032
If you have questions, contact the fair office at 410 923-3400